Thursday, December 4, 2014


Underwear Pouch Organizer



Product Material : Waterproof Nylon

*Dimensions : 260mm x 130mm x 120mm
*Light & Easy
*Korean Design
*Stylish & Fashionable
*Keeps your belongings safely while you travel
*Comes with a handle
*Color: Pink, Rose Red , Green
*Large storage
*Stores up to 4 to 6 bras and underwear
*Suitable to keep your toiletries, make up tools and mommy gadgets
*Product color is subject to availability. Alternative colour will be given if choice colour is not available 

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5 in1 travel organizer bag

 pink soft color

blue color 

red color 

5 In 1 Travel Organizer Bag
Product Code: 11-77-01
Product Specifications:

*Foldable & Portable
*Material: Nylon
*Available in 4 vibrant colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Grey
*4 small-sized bags can be stored in the largest bag when not in use
*3 bags suitable for storing clothes, 1 for toiletries, and 1 for shoes
*Suitable for storage in standard-sized travel luggage

*Set comes in 5 different sizes of bag:
*260 X 200 X 70 mm
*300 X 230 X 100 mm
*360 X 270 X 100mm
*360 X 270 X 140mm

*330 X 230 X 100mm

3color blue , red, pink 

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